Chabaa Thai Bistro, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Moon Krapugthong is the Executive Chef and owner of Chabaa Thai Bistro in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Chabaa is the Thai word for ìhibiscusî, which is a tropical and bright flower that has come to represent and symbolize the Thai people and their generous, happy demeanor. Moon is dedicated to serving the best quality, beautifully presented food possible. Before cooking, Moon fell in love with art and the stories it tells. Therefore, every detail at Chabaa Thai Bistro was meticulously planned in order to create an entire experience from the exterior to the decor inside. The lighting outside the restaurant was designed to feel like a theater where customers feel as if theyíre getting a look behind-the-scenes when looking through the windows. The curiosity draws you into the restaurant from the outside. All of the art pieces inside have their own stories that add the finishing touches to the overall feel of the restaurant. Moonís cuisine itself is a work of art. She and her cooks are extremely passionate about the food they cook and dishes they create. Chabaa Thai Bistroís menu is full of authentic and traditional Thai dishes that are handcrafted using the freshest and finest ingredients. Sit down and dine-in for fresh, made-to-order dishes or pickup food from their fresh grab-and-go selections. Start your meal with the Sampler appetizer that gives you a taste of their crispy spring rolls, chicken dumplings, fried tofu, and chicken satay that is served with Thai sweet chili sauce topped with ground roasted peanuts. One of the most popular entrees at Chabaa is the Pad Thai that is made with thin rice noodles, fresh baby chives, bean sprouts, red onion, tofu, and egg thatís garnished with lime and ground roasted peanuts. Pad Thai can be made with vegetables, tofu, chicken, beef, shrimp, or seafood. Another popular choice is the Panang Beef Special made with peas, chili paste, panang curry, and coconut milk. It is one of Moonís favorite dishes that she often recommends to customers to try.Chabaa Thai Bistro even has a gourmet sushi bar where they create all kinds of different rolls and flavor combinations that are out of this world. All in all, Chabaa offers guests a one-of-a-kind experience from the moment they walk in, to the last bite of their meal. The atmosphere is warm, energetic, and welcoming and the staff is always friendly, personable, and hardworking. Your money goes beyond the food at Chabaa Thai Bistro, youíre also promoting people who work as a team and love what they do every day. They strive to work together in order to provide their guests with the best dining experience possible. So, the next time youíre delicious Thai cuisine, make sure to stop by Chabaa Thai Bistro. Itís a meal and experience you wonít forget and will have you coming back for more!

4343 Main St
Philadelphia, PA 19127