Chaupaati, Pineville NC | Merchant Profile

Owners Prab and Sandhya Dahal were tired of not having authentic Indian food options around where they lived. Prab had a lot of small business experience and Sandhya managed restaurants before, so they decided to open a restaurant. While earning his MBA, Prab met Samir Patel. Samir and his wife Ami thought it was a great idea to open an authentic Indian restaurant, and the four of them opened Chaupaati together. It took them a long time to find the perfect chef; someone who could specialize in each menu item and could take constructive criticism. The Sandhya and Patelís take customer feedback very seriously, and never want a customer to leave the restaurant unsatisfied. They understand how important consistent quality is. They order spices that come directly from India, and when any given dish contains ten to fifteen spices, changing just one can alter a dish significantly. It is important to have employees that take care to offer consistent dishes and service.Chowpatty Beach is a food vendor area in Mumbai, India, that is strongly associated with Bollywood. Chaupaatiís menu is designed with a movie mindset; every title and subtitle is a Bollywood movie name or derivative. Prab, Sandhya, Samir and Ami wanted to offer the most popular food items from different areas in India and keep their authentic taste.Chaupaati serves the best authentic Indian cuisine from all over India. Customers rave about Chaupaatiís many different ëChaatí, or savory snacks. The spicy ëChili Chickení is another favorite; marinated chicken sauteed with onions, tomato, bell peppers, and chili peppers. The ëChicken Tikka Masalaí is absolutely delicious. Chicken, lamb or goat ëBiryanií is equally tasty. Although Indian food is usually thought of as spicy, Chaupaati has a very extensive menu that can satisfy all different palates.Chaupaati is a very casual restaurant. The owners want you to feel completely comfortable when you are dining, especially with kids. Having young children of their own, Prab and Sandhya totally understand that kids will be kids. In the short time you wait for your meal to arrive, enjoy the art that decorates the wall – impressive mixed media that brings life to the restaurant.

9101 Pineville Matthews Rd
Pineville, NC 28134