Chava Juice Bar, Ambler PA | Merchant Profile

Chava Juice Bar is ingrained with a rich history, and the most genuine background you can find  when it comes to good intentions. The owner Florena Douglas has raised the bar on what it means to take care of customers, and she prides herself on her love and joy of the business. She was born into Mennonite upbringings, and she was always surrounded by fresh fruit, free of preservatives and pesticides. Later on in life she became a Geriatric nurse and saw first hand the deterioration of her patients. She knew she had the power to let people know they can take care and heal themselves with what they choose to put into their body. From that moment, Florena took that idea and turned it into Chava Juice Bar. She hasn’t looked back since and has flawlessly served her customers with the best meals, and freshest products.All of Florena√≠s menu items are guilt-free, putting a twist on delicious treats that do not sacrifice flavor by any means. She has encompassed the idea that enjoying your food does not have to be detrimental to your health and can actually be turned into a major positive. Her food speaks volumes, and people are turning to her for their health needs more and more by the day. A popular item is the Banana Whip, which is a frozen banana put into a juicer and turned into a creamy texture. The mixture is then fully customizable, whether the customer wants fruits, vegetables, or even chocolate. The item is the ultimate guilty pleasure without the guilt!Their Chia Chips are a great snack to also indulge in, another item that leaves customers wondering how they could actually be so healthy. With a wide array of flavors, Florena always aims to please and wants to make sure everyone is taken care of. One of the choices, the Firecracker, is a blend of sweet onions, jalapeno peppers, Himalayan salt, chia seeds, and water. The process is very delicate, and it really goes the extra mile to ensure the ultimate satisfaction. They are dehydrated for three days under one hundred ten degrees to ensure the ultimate crispiness. The Rainbow Chia Chips are made from rainbow carrots, fresh maple syrup tapped straight from the tree by local farmers, and blended with apples and cinnamon. Finding a place that uses all natural ingredients, is transparent, and takes the time for their customers is hard to pass up on. Florena sources most of her ingredients locally and makes sure all of them are organic so her customers can be confident they are receiving the best of the best. She wants to nourish people from the inside out and is doing so successfully, making people feel better mentally and physically everyday. The slogan is to come in and fill up your body with love, and nothing could be more fitting. Florena takes the time and care to serve delicious treats, and Chava Juice Bar is simply worth stopping in and giving a try.  

3 Forest Ave.
Ambler, PA 19002