Chiaramonte’s Deli & Sausages, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

Chiaramonteís Sausage and Deli is a fantastic lunch and dinner spot in downtown San Jose, California, that has been around since 1908. Owner Louis Chiaramonte inherited the family restaurant and deli down from his great grandfather, Salvatore Chiaramonte, who started the business over a hundred years ago.Specializing in sausage, Chiaramonteís uses 100% fresh natural pork and is spiced to perfection. Try their sausage on their famous Sausage Sandwich or order it to cook up at home. Chiaramonteís uses a trimmed variety of pork which decreases the amount of fat rendered when cooked. The deli also offers a variety of unique oils, vinegars, and condiments to spice up your meals at home.    You have to try the sandwiches at Chiaramonteís! The most popular sandwich of course is the Sausage Sandwich, grilled and topped with homemade marinara served soft steamed buns. A close second is the Meatball Sandwich, made with homemade meatballs. The quality of food and ingredients keep people coming back for more.  This landmark deli in San Jose has been featured in newspapers and shown on TV. Chiaramonteís is a must next time you’re in town!

609 N 13th St
San Jose, CA 95112