Chopsticks Pho & Grill, Newark CA | Merchant Profile

Chopsticks Pho & Grill is a brand new Vietnamese restaurant in Newark, California that opened in June of 2016. It is family owned and operated by Trang Luong, who manages the restaurant, and her parents, who cook the food. Trangís parents have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time and it was always their dream to have their own restaurant, so when Trang graduated college they decided to make that dream a reality together. The restaurant is warm and cozy and can fit about sixty-one people inside. They can also offer outdoor tables for additional seating if needed and for customers to enjoy their meals in the nice weather. Everything at Chopsticks Pho & Grill is prepared fresh and cooked to order. They donít serve fast food, but instead pay close attention to detail and make sure every dish comes out perfect and hot. One of the most popular dishes off the menu is the Oxtail Beef Noodle Soup. The broth is very rich and flavorful while the Oxtail is soft and delicious. Another fan favorite is the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup that is both sour and spicy, which customers absolutely love! The Rice Plates are also a wonderful choice where customers have the option to pick their protein or make it a combination. Itís a great way to sample a bunch of different ingredients and flavors! Chopsticks Pho & Grill have a great variety of authentic Vietnamese drinks too! They have traditional Vietnamese milk tea, milk coffee, and fresh smoothies that are made with real fruit. They even offer delicious lemonade made with club soda to add that little bit of flare. As stated before, the staff makes sure to pay close attention to detail to make their food and drinks stand out. All in All, Chopsticks Pho & Grill is a delightful restaurant that serves homemade, high-quality meals. The staff is friendly and hospitable, making sure that every customer leaves with a smile. They order their food fresh every single day so the food is always flavorful and vibrant. The next time youíre craving savory, homemade food make sure to give Chopsticks Pho & Grill a try ñ you wonít be disappointed!

6180 Jarvis Ave
Newark, CA 94560