Circa 1880, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Cozily niched in Walkerís Point, Circa 1880 has successfully earned its spot as a bona fide culinary powerhouse to the area, and delivers delicious, top notch menu items on a consistent basis. Owner Thomas Hauck, drives the kitchen with full force, crafting dishes that simply raise the bar on what patrons would normally expect before entering the establishment. The quality and consistency are bar none, and the elegant and pleasant atmosphere bring everything full circle, taking the extra step and not cutting corners by any means. Stopping in guarantees a quality experience paired with food rich in flavor, and a genuine welcoming atmosphere.  General manager Joshua Wolter and his team take the dining experience to the next level with the immense focus on customer service and a warm, comfortable environment. Doing so successfully, customers are immersed into an environment that is simply incomparable to any other dining experience. The cuisine rivals the experience, and the fresh, quality ingredients provide a flavorful concept no matter what item is chosen to indulge in. The drinks pair fantastically with the cuisine, and the staff is sure to provide the best recommendations to promise a top notch dining experience. The vast list of awards can attest to the quality that comes out of the team at Circa 1880. The entire experience is held to a higher standard and that is prevalent with each and every aspect from top to bottom. The Wine Spectator has given the the Award of Excellence in 2014 for their ability to provide one of the best wines list in the world. Head Chef Thomas has also been recognized for the past two years by Best Chefs America. The restaurant has also garnered awards from Trip Advisor, Open Table, and Carol Deptollaís Top 30. Circa 1880 encompasses a top of the line night out and giving it a try will provide the best of the best.Photo Creds: Kevin J. Miyazaki

1100 S. 1st St.
Milwaukee, WI 53204