City Kitchen, Grosse Pointe MI | Merchant Profile

Chick Taylor started working in restaurants when he was 19 years old. By 21 he was a night manager, and by 23 Chick was the general manager of the famous original Joe Muerís. For the next for 18 years, Chick managed the large and popular restaurant that serviced between 1,000 and 1,500 guests on any given day. Next, Chick went in on a partnership and opened Joe Muerís Grill in Southfield. Chick eventually bought out his partner and continued to run the restaurant for 10 years. Even though Chick became a general manager when he was young, he would not do anything differently. ìThe training I got from the people I started with was pretty remarkable,î Chick recalled. He is grateful for his foundation experience. On May 26th, 2006, Chick opened City Kitchen in Grosse Pointe. City Kitchen specializes in seafood. Each day they run two seafood or fish features that are always going to be extraordinary. The specials change each day but can include delicious snapper, mahi-mahi and grouper. The chef always tries to make it fun and interesting. On their menu, the ëLake Perchí has been the best-seller since day one. The fresh Lake Perch is sauteed in caper butter and lemon and served with rice pilaf.City Kitchen has a very dedicated staff; 90% of the dining staff has been there since day one! The restaurant itself has a large local following, but also have regular customers from all over! Visit City Kitchen to experience for yourself all that this great restaurant has to offer.

16844 Kercheval Ave
Grosse Pointe, MI 48230