Cleavers, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

Located in the heart of Philadelphia, Cleavers serves arguably the best cheesesteak in the area, using one hundred percent USDA ribeye, paired with their delicious hand-rolled bread. Owner Electra Poulimenos prioritizes going the extra mile for her customers and the effort shows in the quality of food that comes from the kitchen. Owning a ribeye manufacturer, her family has been involved in the industry their entire lives, and Electra has sought to perfect the craft. From the ground up she has created a successful, and well known establishment that is a go-to for people seeking a hearty, filling meal. Unique to the store, Cleavers prides themselves on being the only cheesesteak restaurant that uses ribeye in their sandwiches. The restaurant comes highly regarded and considered to be a gourmet sandwich, and rightfully so. The most popular item on the menu, The Block, is comprised of ribeye steak, portobello mushrooms, fried onions, green peppers, and sharp provolone. Their one pound sandwich, The Cleaver, is a fan favorite and is made with their famous ribeye steak, and an American cheese whiz blend. Cleavers seeks to provide options to all of their customers and certainly do not lack in the menu selection. They offer unique items such as their Pizazz, a twist on the cheesesteak made with ribeye, mozzarella, pizza sauce, and shredded parmesan. Always seeking to please, Cleavers offers a bowl option for their gluten free customers, as well as vegetarian and chicken options. Their Steak Fries are made waffle style and topped with ribeye, fried onions, and white cheddar sauce, making them an excellent option. Getting what you paid for is Electraís main concern and she certainly delivers in this category. Each component of the sandwiches her team creates is made with quality, fresh ingredients, making the flavor of the sandwich come full circle. A lot of cheesesteaks will come with small sliced pieces of meat, but Cleavers keeps the slices at a wide range of sizes. This ensures that the meat retains its flavor, as well as its texture. Shortcuts are not an option for Electra and the customers appreciate it. Cheesesteaks are something Philadelphia is most known for, and while visiting the area, is essential to get the best of the best. Located at 108 South 18th Street, stopping in and grabbing a bite is worth the visit, and is sure to satisfy.

108 S 18th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103