Cleveland Street Cafe, Clearwater FL | Merchant Profile

A notorious landmark to the area, Cleveland Street Cafe has had longstanding success having been in the Clearwater area for the past twenty years. The new owner Alessio has taken his passion for food and used it as fuel to drive the Cafe to greater heights and has done so successfully. Having just come to America in June of 2016 he has taken his Italian culture and used it as an authentic influence to the highest degree. The genuine nature in which the concept is delivered is what separates the restaurant from any contenders. Alessio and his team are meticulous in their efforts to provide the best of the best and their contributions are prevalent from top to bottom, making it a must while visiting the area. The chef driven menu provides something for everyone, and the popularity can attest to that exact fact. Everything is fresh and made to order, and they source their ingredients in an efficient manner to ensure a quality and trustworthy experience time after time. Alessioís newfound influence has allowed guests to be immersed into the Italian cuisine in authentic manner, and his efforts are nothing short of remarkable. Whether it is the Eggplant Parmesan, the Homemade Lasagna, or the delicious Fettuccine Alfredo, Cleveland street Cafe has something for everyone and is sure to adhere to any palate no matter the instance. The desserts bring everything full circle for the cafe and is reason enough to stop in and give the cuisine a try. The homemade Tiramisu is a fantastic option worth giving a try as well as the Apricot Pie, both are rich and flavorful and compliment each meal to the highest standard. The restaurant also provides takeout and delivery if that is preferred, and no matter the instance, Cleveland Street Cafe hits the nail on the head when concerning fantastic food paired with excellent service.

615 Cleveland St.
Clearwater, FL 33755