College Corner Cafe, Lancaster PA | Merchant Profile

The College Corner Cafe is located at 931 Harrisburg Pike in Lancaster. The restaurant has the best bagels in Lancaster. Best friends Troy Cunningham and Cinde Heisler have owned the Cafe since 2005. Troy has actually worked in the business since 1999 and when the opportunity to own the cafe arose, he jumped upon it. Both Cinde and Troy say the best part of the business is the relationship they have developed with their regular customers. Troy says itís like one big family. They also enjoy seeing the smiles on patronsí faces when they really enjoy College Corner Cafeís delicious food. The College Corner Cafe features 12 to 15 different varieties of bagels daily. The New York style bagels are freshly made in-house every morning. Varieties include: plain, sun dried, egg, blueberry, chocolate chip, French toast, everything, asiago, and onion. House blended cream cheese flavors include: vegetable, pumpkin, scallion, cranberry orange, mixed berry, and peach. The Cafe features homemade soups daily too. Popular sandwiches include the TNT with sundried tomato paste, cream cheese, turkey, lettuce, onion, and roasted pepper on your choice of bagel. The Turkey Deli bagel features turkey, onion, tomato, and creamy melted Swiss cheese.  If you are looking for great coffee and bagels or a delicious sandwich while in Lancaster, stop by and see Troy and Cinde today. The friendly and efficient staff at the College Corner Cafe will warmly welcome you and ensure you have a great dining experience!

931 Harrisburg Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603