Colonial Quy-Bau, Willow Grove PA | Merchant Profile

Colonial Quy-Bau is the brainchild of owner and operator, Corey Wnguyen, who opened the restaurant in 2010 in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. Quy-Bau means prestigious in Vietnamese and it is the restaurantís goal to serve each and every dish with passion, creativity, and prestige. Colonial Quy-Bau is a one-of-kind restaurant that serves a combination of French, Vietnamese, and Thai cuisine all under one roof. While Corey was going to college he chose to work at the same time and had the opportunity to work under well-known and highly respected chefs of all kinds. He was able to gain experience working in the front of the house, managing the back, and cooking, so when the opportunity came to open his own restaurant, he took the chance to create something truly unique that makes his customers say ìwowî every time!Everything at the restaurant is created from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. Tons of passion and attention to detail goes into making each dish that is always cooked fresh to order. The menu offers a range of different entrees and prices that can satisfy anyoneís taste or budget. The restaurantís signature appetizer is the Quy-Bau Golden Bags that are stuffed with shrimp and crabmeat over a bed of sweet chilies. When it comes to seafood, the Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes are a fan favorite. The crab cakes are macadamia encrusted and pan seared with a lime zest aioli.The Australian Rack of Lamb and Roasted Crispy Half Duck are two of the best-selling dishes. Corey uses a special technique for both that enhances the meatís natural flavors and keeps them juicy and tender. Theyíre definitely meals that keep customers coming back for more. The rest of the menu consists of delicious soups & salads, seafood & meat entrees, pho, com, and bun dishes.Colonial Quy-Bau has about twenty tables and is a BYOB restaurant. The eatery is warm and welcoming and the decor compliments its cuisine and atmosphere. The food, decor, and great customer service all come together to create an amazing experience for the diners. Colonial Quy-Bau is the type of restaurant that will stick with you and have you craving to go back. The next time youíre in Willow Grove make sure to stop by – you wonít be disappointed!

101 East Moreland Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090