Colors, Detroit MI | Merchant Profile

Colors Restaurant in The Carr Center was established in Fall 2012 and opened to the public in 2013. Colors is primarily a training facility. They are open to the general public and are current on menu offerings, but the edge they have is that the front of the house staff, bartenders, culinary assistants, and server assistants are all students or graduates of the CHOW Institute, Colors Hospitality and Opportunity for Workers. ìA lot of what we do here is to give experience to people that have been displaced, have no experience, or are unemployed in the foodservice industry,î the manager Jim explained.Colors Restaurant is part of the workforce development program of ROC United – Restaurant Opportunity Centers. ROC United was established in New York in 2006 to help displaced employees affected by the September 11th tragedy. Very often, people that are looking for work and have no experience end up in the back of the house. It is a vital part of the restaurant but provides very little mobility. At Colors, by giving the staff training, experience and education in the front of the house, they are able to go out and compete for the better-paying positions in the growing upscale dining marketplace.  Jim has extensive experience in the restaurant industry and has over 30 years of management experience. He strongly believes that the best way to teach and mentor people in the industry is to give them experience, real experience, that represents what work they will actually be performing in the ìreal worldî. Colors even offers off-site catering that gives trainees experience they can put on a resume. Colors Restaurant offers a diverse menu that reflects the Detroit marketplace, and Jim is sure that you will love every dish. They want to be upscale, yet have a menu that appeals to the general public without intimidating them. You will rave about the unique presentation of the Fried Grit Cakes and the delicious taste of the Detroit original Dinty Moore sandwich. Customers love the Colors Green Supreme salad with arugula, kale, and blood orange tossed in an orange and cumin vinaigrette. All of the ingredients are locally sourced. Colors Restaurant makes an effort to buy from local and regional suppliers for all of their meat, produce, and dairy to produce fresh and nutritious selections. Colors Restaurant teaches their trainees to understand their place in creating the total customer experience. They learn that good service to one customer might not mean the same to another, and gain life knowledge that you canít put down on a resume.

311 E Grand River Ave
Detroit, MI 48226