Command Post Restaurant, Rockford IL | Merchant Profile

Yolanda and Stanley opened the Command Post about 18 years ago. They originally bought the building to dance in, but their daughter Toni had the idea to turn it into a restaurant. With a restaurant they needed a theme, and Stanley instantly thought of Camp Grant. They completely remodeled the building and turned it into a restaurant. They started out with a few postcards from Camp Grant, but over the years they collected so much stuff that their customers started calling it a museum. Yolanda and Stanley did just that – created a Camp Grant museum inside their restaurant. Camp Grant was a U.S. Army facility that was built in 1917 and became one of the largest military training facilities during World War I. It closed in 1923, but the Illinois National Guard took it over in 1924. Between wars, Camp Grant also served the WPA and CCC. In 1941, the government came in and completely rebuilt the camp. It ran until 1946, and President Truman completely closed it in 1948. Yolanda explained that people forgot there was a camp here, so they brought it back to life again. The building Command Post is located in was built when the National Guard was stationed there. It was a firehouse but they named it Command Post because that is where people gather. The greenish theme inside of the restaurant is a nod to when fire departments and police departments have a major call and reach out to other departments. They have a green light, and that is where people gather to get their orders – the command post. When you walk into Command Post, you instantly see history. The walls are filled with memorabilia and there are many cases of interesting items. Over the years, they have received a lot of donations, and they try to display as much as they can – adding new items all the time. Even their menu is Camp Grant themed. The ëMaster Sergeantí is very popular, chicken with homemade noodles over mashed potatoes. The ëStaff Sergeantí is another customer favorite – an open faced hamburger topped with french fries and melted cheese, served with homemade coleslaw. Customers love Command Postís homemade pies and desserts.Looking for a place to have your next party? Command Post is a really cool venue to have an event. They have a meeting room that can host about 25 people, or you can rent out the whole restaurant after they close to the public (2:00 pm). Literally every square inch of every wall is covered with military memorabilia and artifacts and is intriguing to anyone mildly interested in history.

1004 Samuelson Rd.
Rockford, IL 61109