Compari’s on the Park, Plymouth MI | Merchant Profile

Compariís on the Park, Fiamma Grille, and The Sardine Room are the destination and the heart of downtown Plymouth. These family owned restaurants began with Compariís on the Park in the early 2000ís. Ryan explained that way back when, his parents owned a bar in downtown Detroit. It developed into a pizzeria, then a restaurant, and expanded out to a comedy club venture. From there, they decided to open Paisanoís West, a pizzeria. ìPaisanoís became a very big value to what we are now,î stated Ryan. While working at Paisano’s, they teamed up with a manager that lead them into the Plymouth market. Today, Plymouth is a beautiful town with a little bit of everything. Back in the early 2000ís, there was not much around and they took advantage of that. As Compariís on the Park grew more and more successful, the landlord offered the owners an opportunity to lease the building next door. The owners never wanted one restaurant to get too big – they already had the perfect ambiance at Compariís and were afraid that expanding would change the character of the restaurant. They decided instead of expand Compariís, they would create an adjacent concept – Fiamma Grille.They opened Fiamma Grille in 2008 and went after a different market; a more higher-end dining experience with white tablecloth covered tables. Fiamma Grille provides casual fine dining at a different price point than Compariís and offers steak and seafood. Following Fiamma Grilleís success, in 2013, the landlord approached them again with another business opportunity, and they took over a third space with a new concept. The Sardine Room offers a raw bar and contemporary American small plates.Each of these restaurants create different delicacies. At Compariís on the Park, the pizza is immensely popular. Each pie is made completely from scratch and cooked in their brick oven. At Fiamma Grille, the ëCertified Piedmont Filletí has been a signature item for over eight years. At The Sardine Room, it is a great idea to mix up a few small plates. The ëPan Seared Sea Scallopsí, served over pork belly with hollandaise and house BBQ sauce. The ëFire Burgerí is another favorite, made with a delicious family recipe.Compariís on the Park, Fiamma Grille, and The Sardine Room want you to come out and experience what each individual restaurant has to offer. You will find something for everyone – from pizza to bone marrow and everything in between.

350 S Main St, , MI
Plymouth, MI 48170