Conte’s Italian Deli & Gourmet Market, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Robert Conte, a New York native, is a restaurateur and great chef who opened Conteís Italian Deli & Gourmet Market in 2015 in Delray Beach. Robert began as a lighting designer by trade, but later fell in love with the culinary world. After owning a restaurant in Stuart, Florida for a short time, Robert decided to head back to New York where he attended and graduated from the French Culinary Institute. He then began working at the prestigious Tavern on the Green until he decided to move back down to Florida to open his own restaurant. He owned Regalo Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale for sixteen years and gained lots of recognition and praise. In 2015, Robert decided to start a new venture and opened Conteís, which has gained a stellar reputation within the community ever since.Conteís Italian Deli & Gourmet Market offers already-prepared foods to take home as well as fresh, delicious meals to eat at the store. Everything is made from scratch using fresh, high quality ingredients that ensure great flavors in every bite. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The menu at Conteís consists of omelets, hot & cold sandwiches, heroes, wraps, and salads. Everything is reasonably priced as well, so youíre not breaking the bank for a high quality meal. All their desserts are made in-house also, including choices like Tiramisu, Italian Cheesecake, Italian Cookies, and Pies.Conteís even offers a nice selection of Italian wines to enjoy with your meal or take home for later. If you donít have time to dine-in, the market offers a great variety of lunches and dinners to-go. They also feature delivery and catering services with a full catering menu. All in all, Conteís Italian Deli & Gourmet Market is the perfect place to enjoy a homecooked meal with friends or family. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming and the staff is friendly and helpful. The next time youíre in Delray Beach and craving a high quality, Italian meal, make sure to stop by Conteís Italian Deli & Gourmet Market. Itís a meal and experience that will have you coming back for more!

311 NE 2nd Ave
Delray Beach, FL 33444