Cool Springs Brewery, Franklin TN | Merchant Profile

Providing top notch craft beer paired with fantastic food, Cool Springs Brewery has encompassed an entire experience that comes widely popular with with beer lovers and foodies alike. The concept opened in 2009 when Owners Jane Hartland and her husband saw the booming popularity of microbreweries in the states. Taking their family overseas, they took this new business venture head on, and haven’t looked back since, gaining widespread popularity over a short period of time. The Brewery has earned its niche in the community, becoming a cornerstone and household name that locals hold in high regard. From top to bottom, Cool Springs Brewery is nothing short of impressive, boasting a culinary powerhouse paired with beer that surpasses all expectations. The location brews ten different beers on tap at any time, having five staples that have guests returning time after time. The other five rotate seasonally, creating a variety that keeps things interesting at the brewery. The use of their seven barrel system provides for brews that are rich in flavor and are sure to pair well with their fantastic food choices. The food raises the bar on what would normally be expected, placing freshness and quality of the utmost importance. The Wings are a signature choice that people love, tossed in their homemade wing sauce with selections of Spicy or Barbecue. Bringing their culture to the forefront, Cool Springs is the best of the best when it comes to English Dishes, Jane driving her culinary expertise for her customers to enjoy. The Shepherd’s Pie is her own recipe, Ground Beef topped with Mashed Potatoes, served with Carrots, Broccoli, and topped with a rich Onion Gravy. The Fish and Chips are where the restaurant really shines, taking an age old recipe that hits home and has people dying to get their hands on more. From Monday through Sunday the Brewery offers a buffet until 1:30 P.M., and the the location also provides Happy Hour from 4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M., daily, always seeking to please their customers in every way possible. Above all else, the restaurant is family friendly and they keep their upscale location geared towards adults and children alike. Stopping in ensures not only a memorable experience, but also a satisfying one, and is a must while visiting the area.

600 Frazier Drive
Franklin, TN 37067