Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe, Northport NY | Merchant Profile

Stacey and Flemming Hansen moved their family to Northport about 19 years ago. Stacey is Costa Rican whose family lives in the South Shore, and Flemming is from Denmark. They lived in Denmark for a while but came back stateside because they really liked American business practices. Flemming has a great wealth of experience as a baker in German and French bakeries. When they decided Northport would be a great place to raise a family, they purchased a bakery.Six months in, they changed the name of the bakery to Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe. Their logo is a kringle, a symbol very dear to Denmark. During World War II, all the bakers would bake goods for the soldiers that were defending Denmark against Germany, and fed a lot of Jews that the Danish were hiding. After the war, the queen honored the bakers by giving them the special insignia.  Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe uses baking methods the Danish have been using for hundreds of years. They even import their butter from Denmark to make their products as authentic as possible. They specialize in danishes, cakes, breads, and pastries. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe bakes fresh bread every day and donates whatever is left over to the soup kitchen at days end. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe has tripled in size over the years and now occupy three out of the four storefronts. In 2012, Flemming and Stacey decided to renovate the building to add seating, workspace, and a kitchen within the kitchen; they now have a cook line right in the middle of their bakery that successfully allows them to offer expanded options for breakfast and lunch. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe creates specialties from Denmark as well as American dishes. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe offers a full line of crepes, paninis, soups, salads, and sandwiches.Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe customers appreciate the authenticity and integrity of their products. Stacey explained that they never use artificial ingredients or chemicals in their products. Everything they make, they want to make it the best. You will want another one – and you will not be able to find it anywhere else. Copenhagen Bakery and Cafeís products are very unique. Stacey and Flemming take being a part of their community very seriously. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe participates in a lot of fundraisers and community events. They have even been a safe haven during storms and power outages. This family oriented couple and their five children all work together at the bakery, and customers really enjoy seeing them. Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe is a great place to visit year round. They have their own free parking lot, and an outdoor patio that overlooks the beautiful Northport harbor.

75 Woodbine Ave
Northport, NY 11768