Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina, Clinton Township MI | Merchant Profile

Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina opened their doors in September of 2015. The owner, Tommy, explained that he originally was going to name the restaurant a different name. After talking to his brother and sister-in-law, they came up with the name Crazy Gringo. Being an authentic Greek family, they can get a little crazy. Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina stuck and was well received!Tommy and his family are no strangers to establishing restaurants. Tommy has been in the industry his entire life – his father opened the first restaurant in 1974. Following that, Tommyís dad opened and ran many other restaurants and cafes in Detroit and the surrounding areas. Tommyís brother still currently operates a cafe downtown in a hospital that provides a lot of catering for all the doctors, and Tommy often helps out. Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina is actually Tommyís second restaurant at this location; He previously had Piperís Alley Bar & Grill there for six years. He sold the bar but later got the keys back and changed it to all Mexican for Crazy Gringo.The Steak Fajita Dinner is a must-try at Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina. Tommy explained that his highly skilled chef knows how to perfectly marinate the steak to where it melts in your mouth like butter. It will never be tough, and tastes wonderful served on a fajita, fajita bowl or steak taco. ìI have been in the business for a long time and seen a lot of restaurants cook their steak differentlyÖ our steak is the most tenderized steak Iíve ever had,î Tommy stated with pride. Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina offers off premise catering that is highly popular. Crazy Gringo Mexican Cantina will be hosting a Cinco de Mayo party on May 5th, and expect it to be a crazy good time! Be on the lookout for their new expanded menu available Late Spring 2016! It will feature eight new delicious authentic Mexican dishes.

34802 S Gratiot Ave
Clinton Township, MI 48035