Current, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

Current Restaurant is located in the beautiful W Hotel in Chicago on Lake Shore Drive. Their location is truly unique; they are the only hotel in Chicago that has seating on the Lake Michigan waterfront. Current aims to bring different flavor profiles to their menu. Being located on the water, Current offers Mediterranean flavors and offer a plethora of seafood items. The spring and summer will bring a lot of seafood and shellfish variations, so their guests can sit on the lake and enjoy a great meal. Patio season runs from Memorial Day weekend until October and brings with it shellfish towers, fresh oysters from the east and west coasts, different types of shrimp, lobster, swordfish, yellowfin and ahi tuna, salmon, and many local fish. Apart from seafood, their house extruded pastas are very popular.All of Current√≠s dishes are made from scratch each day. They put a lot of effort into working with local vendors and purveyors to source their ingredients locally, and then make everything in house. The large outdoor patio can accommodate about 80 guests and has a fantastic view of Lake Michigan only The W Hotel can offer. Current is famous for their weekend brunch. After a great night on the town and a comfortable slumber at The W, guests like to dine at Current Saturday and Sunday mornings and recall the fantastic memories they just made. On Friday and Saturday nights, The W Hotel and Current host a DJ in their lobby and bar that plays in tune with their brand at The W, fun, flirty culture. Current is also available for private dining occasions – from wedding rehearsals to corporate events. Dine at Current for a beautiful and unique experience and enjoy the lakefront dining!

644 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60611