DanDan, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

DanDan is a new Chinese and Asian Fusion restaurant in downtown Milwaukee. It is named after its owners Dan Van Rite and Dan Jacobs. Chicago native Dan Jacobs is passionate about cooking and learning about culinary influences from all over the world. He has years of experience in both the classroom and the kitchen. He studied culinary arts at renowned cooking school, Le Cordon Bleu, in Chicago.. Dan Jacobís partner, Dan Van Rite, is originally from Green Bay where he got experience as an executive chef. He caught the attention of the media and the public, because of his creativity and skill, and was hired as a private chef. Dan Jacobs and Dan Van Rite met at industry events. They became good friends and developed their idea for an American-Chinese style restaurant. DanDan resides in a historic building. It was one of the few to survive a fire in the 1800s that took out many of the surrounding buildings. The building has been used in many different capacities since then. It was part of the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, or MIAD, for many years. It then became an office building, and then another restaurant for two years, until it was bought by Jacobs and Van Rite. In their first few months of being open, DanDan has been very successful. Dan J says this is thanks to his great staff. They are constantly learning and evolving and strive to make great food and make people happy.The menu at DanDan is American style Chinese and Asian food. The dishes are created to be shared. The owners want people to come with groups and be able to try a lot of different recipes. Dan Jacobs has always enjoyed cooking Chinese food and wanted to be able to share his spin on it with people. Dan Van Rite had no previous experience in Chinese cuisine, but welcomed the challenge and loves being able to try new things. In preparation, the "Dan’s" traveled the country researching different Asian restaurants and taking notes. One dish, the Schmaltz Fried Rice, was inspired by a trip to California, where they encountered a Chinese restaurant next to a Jewish restaurant. Dan Jacobs is of Jewish descent and recalls how one of his motherís favorite scents in the kitchen is schmaltz. The Schmaltz Fried Rice blends these cultures by using chicken fat in the fried rice; they then add Chinese sausage, egg, edamame, and celery, and top it off with crispy chicken skin. One of Dan Van Riteís favorite creations is the Sour Sausage, a rice ball with charred sausage, that succeeds at creating multiple interesting textures and flavors. They also have more traditional dishes like Peking Duck, and Sichuan Chicken. They have vegetarian options like their General Tsoís Cauliflower, which is a delicious way to incorporate vegetables into your diet. DanDan has a full bar with creative specialty cocktails crafted by their bar director, Jordan Burich. They are open Tuesday-Friday for lunch and dinner and Saturday for dinner. Bring your friends and family to DanDan for a unique American Chinese dining experience.

360 East Erie St
Milwaukee, WI 53202