Dandana, Astoria NY | Merchant Profile

Cozily located in Astoria, Dandana is a hidden gem that provides a relaxing setting to enjoy an all around comfortable and memorable experience. After opening in 2008, Dandana has seen widespread success becoming a go-to for a lot of the locals seeking a communal social experience. Part owner Kevin Rubio takes the extra step for his customers, seeking to provide an all around quality experience and he has done so with widespread success. The location provides great food, quality entertainment, with an inviting atmosphere that has people returning time after time. The Mediterranean style cuisine offers a vast amount of options for customers to indulge in, as well as Traditional American, creating a fusion of different choices. The location has something for everyone making it perfect to grab a quick bite to eat or perfect for a night out with friends and family. A signature item, the Dandana Triple Sliders Lunch, allows customers to either have it stacked or served individually with their choice of Cheese and Barbecue or Hot Sauce. The Falafel is also a great choice, consistently having customers return for more and more. Everything is made to order, providing top notch quality for each of Dandanaís guests.The entertainment aspect is where the establishment really shines, immersing patrons into a unique experience that only Dandana can provide. The option to participate in Hookah provides for a relaxing time to enjoy eachotherís company. The restaurant also has belly dancers, and live music, gearing their focus on the entertainment aspect. Stopping in will ensure a memorable experience paired with fantastic food, drinks, and a social experience that cannot be topped. Located at 42-21 Broadway, Dandana is perfect for all instances and is sure to satisfy.

42-21 Broadway
Astoria, NY 11103