Daya, Winter Park FL | Merchant Profile

Daya is an upscale, gourmet restaurant that focuses on showcasing the healthy benefits and environmentally friendly aspects of a plant-based diet. Angi Bellinger is the founder and owner of Daya and was tired of not having any delicious, healthy restaurants to eat at, so she decided to create her own. Daya is a 100% plant-based restaurant and the ingredients are 80% organic, farm fresh.  The menu is full of great variety and flavors and everything is made from scratch. One of the most popular dishes off the menu is the Walnut & Herb Crusted Seitan. The seitan is made from wheat and is served with bÈarnaise sauce and herbed smashed potatoes. Another fan favorite is the Thai Curry Vegetables where customers can choose either a spicy Thai red curry or Thai peanut curry sauce then is served with broccoli, onion, carrot, red bell pepper, zucchini, mushrooms, and brown rice. Along with offering healthy choices to eat, Daya also strives to be as environmentally friendly as possible. They use an electronic system instead of paper checks and receipts and only give out straws on request. All the to-go containers are made out of recycled and biodegradable paper products as well as their hand towels and toilet paper. The lights used are all LED and Daya recycles all its bottles, cans, and plastic. Very little waste comes out of their restaurant, which is a huge help to the earth!  Daya also serves delicious drinks including beers and wines. The wines are all vegan and made from decedent, fresh ingredients. The beer consists entirely of locally brewed craft beers that help support the local communities and businesses. Overall, Daya is the perfect place to grab a tasty bite to eat. The atmosphere is relaxed, warm, and earthy and the staff does a terrific job of accommodating each customerís needs. The next time youíre craving a healthy meal with no sacrifice to taste or flavor, make sure to give Daya a try ñ you won’t be disappointed!

155 Morse Blvd
Winter Park, FL 32789