Deli of Italy, York PA | Merchant Profile

Mit Arya is the managing partner of the Deli of Italy. The deli is a family business and Mit worked there part time while going to school. He was studying microbiology and he became interested, from a scientific perspective, why one of the dressings used in the deli, an old family recipe, was so appealing to diners. With his knowledge of science, anatomy and psychology, Mit was able to understand the dressing was so appealing because the ingredients were in the perfect proportion to excite the taste buds. This led Mit to change the course of his life. He decided not to become a doctor, but instead embarked upon a journey to learn about flavors and tastes. He went to culinary school and was tutored by individual chefs to gain mastery of bold powerful flavors. He studied how chefs in South America and Asia blend complex, scary flavors in the exact proper proportions to create a perfect harmony of taste. He respects how important food is in our lives and is aware how certain flavors and tastes can evoke strong emotions and memories. Food has become his lifeís work and he often travels the globe to continue his education. Rob High is General Manager and Daily Operations Manager at Deli of Italy. Rob has been working in the Deli since he was 16 years old. In talking to him, one understands just how seriously he takes his responsibilities. It is up to him to ensure the deli runs smoothly on a daily basis. His favorite part of working at Deli of Italy is his daily interaction with customers. Rob relishes in the great relationship he has developed with many of his regulars. He is even grateful for the guests who are difficult to deal with. He says he learns about himself when dealing with challenging people.Rob tells us that almost all items served in the deli are scratch made in-house. All the breads, pastries, soups, and dressings are carefully constructed to provide the best flavors. Even the spices are precisely blended to maximize taste. One of the most popular items on the menu is an Italian specialty hoagie, The Slice of Heaven, featuring Sicilian salami, capocollo, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella topped with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, banana peppers, house dressing and house seasoning. Another option is Il Diablo, featuring dry coppa, sopressata, prosciutto, spanish chorizo, sicilian salami, provolone, and fresh mozzarella. Rob explains that the combination of the four imported meats on the sandwich are sometimes are a little more than people expect. It is this dedication and knowledge that keeps customers flocking to the deli. The deli has a huge selection of sandwiches, cheesesteaks, wraps, and salads to choose from. They are ready to cater any event from a boxed lunch at your desk to multiple party platters serving ten to fifteen people a piece. There is a kidís menu and they offer limited delivery. So come by today and see for yourself what food should be, an experience. They base their entire business around that principle.

2809 Concord Rd.
York, PA 17402