Detroit Style Pizza Company, Saint Clair Shores MI | Merchant Profile

Detroit Style Pizza Company is a restaurant that is dedicated to supporting and empowering Detroit and Michigan. It was founded in 1997 and is owned and operating by Shawn Randazzo and his mother Linda Michaels. The history behind this restaurant is colorful and exciting. In 1995, Shawn actually worked as a pizza delivery driver for a restaurant that was located in the same spot that the Detroit Style Pizza Company resides now. The owner was burnt out and looking to sell the place, so Shawn mentioned this to his mother. A couple months later Linda approached Shawn asking if heíd ever want to be business partners and together they decided to take the risk and buy the restaurant. They opened their doors in 1997 and within the first couple years, doubled their business revenue. Shawn and Linda brought fresh blood and excitement to the restaurant along with new, fresh ideas and high energy. The next few years business was stagnant, so Shawn decided that he needed to learn more about business and the food industry in order to excel. In 2005, Shawn began hiring consultants, enrolling in educational courses, and reading books on the subject. He took the time to learn everything he possibly could in order to elevate the Detroit Style Pizza Company into something amazing. In 2007, Shawn and Linda opened their second location in Clinton Township until 2014 when they sold the restaurant to another brand. 2009 marked a huge milestone for the Detroit Style Pizza Company. Shawn went to Columbus, Ohio where they were holding a Pizza Pizazz Competition. Seventy pizza chefs from across the country attended, but Shawn was the only chef to present a Detroit style pizza. Detroit style pizza is prepared in a rectangular shape with thick, fluffy crust, caramelized cheese, and sauce on the top. Shawnís goal was to shed a positive light on the city of Detroit and he actually ended up winning first place, accomplishing that goal. After that, Shawn realized that they had something special that no one knew about yet and that only added fuel to his fire. Shawn continued to enter more cooking competitions and always placed highly, either in first, second, or third. In 2012, Shawn entered the International Pizza Challenge in Las Vegas that over 200 pizza chefs from all around the world participated in. Shawn ended up taking home the biggest prize and was crowned 2012 Pizza Maker of the Year, which is the pizza industryís most prestigious accolade. All of Shawnís hard work definitely paid off and he was able to put Detroit style pizza on the map. He continued to increase awareness and created a three-day training program for others to learn how to make the Detroit style pizza authentically. People from all over enrolled in the program and Detroit style pizza began popping up in different cities across the county and even worldwide. In 2013, Shawn and Linda once again opened another location, this time in Roseville that is still open today. To go one step further, Shawn began giving tours and demonstrations to children in order to plant the seeds of Detroit style pizza for the next generation. Food tends to be a very important part of everyone lives. It is about coming together to connect and make memories with those you love. By giving these tours, Shawn hopes to create memories for children that they will never forget. Detroit Style Pizza Company sources all their food and ingredients locally in order to support the state and local communities. They also only carry beverages that are made in Detroit or Michigan. When you visit the restaurant the only music you will hear is Detroit recording artists like Eminem and Kid Rock, or music traditionally made in Detroit like Motown. All in all, Detroit Style Pizza Company does an extraordinary job of promoting and supporting their city and state.  The next time youíre in town make sure to stop by the Detroit Style Pizza Company to experience an unforgettable, flavorful pizza served by warm and friendly people. The pizza is authentic and truly delicious so donít miss out!

28630 Harper Ave
Saint Clair Shores, MI 48081