Dewz Dogz, Wormleysburg PA | Merchant Profile

Steve Ensninger is the owner of Dewz Dogz, located at 930 N. Front Street in Wormleysburg. Asked how he came up with the name Dewz, he tells us itís an anagram made up of the first letters of his four rescued Greyhounds names. Dagwood, Edgar, Wiley and Zippen. Originally Steve intended to open a restaurant featuring coffee and Bagels. He was swayed in a different direction after seeing a Food Network show on hot dogs. He surveyed the local competition and decided he could do it better. Dewz Dogz is committed to serving the best possible product to its customers. They use only the finest and freshest ingredients and prepare each dog individually to your preference. Favorites include the White Shepherd with Swiss cheese, bacon, onion, mayo, ketchup, mustard, pickle. The Zippen featuring, a deli dog placed in a white roll with onion, mustard, DEWZ chili, cheddar cheese. Another signature dog is the Dagwood a deli dog placed in a roll of your choice, topped with pulled pork barbecue and bacon. Sides include cheese fries, soft pretzels and chips. Drinks feature locally made Reading Draft Birch Beer and Reading Draft Sassafras. Desserts include Pennsylvania made Hallís Ice Cream.  Steven says the best part of creating Dewz Dogz is all the people he has met and the friends he’s made. Stop by and try on of their signature specialty Dogz today. You wonít be disappointed.    

930 N. Front Street
Wormleysburg, PA 17043