Dino’s Lounge, Ferndale MI | Merchant Profile

Dinoís Lounge is a cozy, family style restaurant located in Ferndale, Michigan. It was opened in 2001 by owner Dino. Dino had worked in the restaurant business for quite some time before opening Dinoís Lounge. He was a talented bartender and Dinoís Lounge originally started out as more of a bar. Its menu evolved and is now a full-blown restaurant.Dinoís Lounge serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their brunch is very popular on Saturday and Sunday mornings in that they usually have a line and all tables are filled. Similarly, on Wednesday’s and Friday’s, there is Karaoke Night and it is also very busy during that time. They do not take reservations on these days.One of the most ordered breakfast dishes is the French Toasted Breakfast Quesadilla as well as the Sausage Gravy and Biscuit special. For lunch customers often order the Dino Wrap which consists of chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and a special sauce. For dinner, BBQ Ribs are very popular and so are the other BBQ dishes.Dinoís prides itself on the relaxed, simple feel of the restaurant. It gives off a comfortable vibe where its customers feel at home when eating. Dinoís is a place where there is such a variety of food options that everyone can find a dish that has their mouths watering.

22740 Woodward Ave Ferndale, MI 48220
Ferndale, MI 48220