District Table & Bar, Stuart FL | Merchant Profile

District Table & Bar in Stuart, Florida is a wonderful dinner spot to try and experience new and unique flavor combinations. Owner and head chef Jason Stocks runs the restaurant with his wife Mirka. Jason has worked in the restaurant industry a long time but started feeling lost when the work he was doing for someone else was taking away from the creativity and integrity of the food. This inspired him to open his own restaurant, where he got to control where the food was sourced from and what he made. District Table & Bar will always buy local ingredients first to support local growers and fishermen, unless the seafood is being overfished to the point it endangers the species in that area. District Table & Bar cares about being environmentally friendly and sustainable.District Table & Bar is always cultivating and offering new innovative cuisine. To stay cutting edge and exciting, some menu items change three to four times a week! Their southern roots inspire some staple dishes, like the customer favorite ëSweet Tea Fried Chickení. It is served with a flavorful bacon coleslaw and a savory Belgian waffle infused with jalapeno and cheddar cheese. Chef Jason is a big fan of snowy grouper, one of the deepest living and feeding groupers whose diet sweetens the meat offering a nice flake and texture to the fish. It is a popular saltwater fish in Florida, and Jason offers it whenever he can. District Table & Bar also offers a vegetarian plate that can be adjusted to work with the customerís dietary restrictions.District Table & Bar offers an extensive wine list featuring 170 wines from all over the world. From Croatia to California, they serve wines that can only be found in a handful of places in Florida. District Table & Bar works with a sommelier and are highly interested in wines from smaller producers. District Table & Bar strives to have their wine list become a world-class wine selection.If your taste buds are longing for adventure, visit District Table & Bar. There you are sure to find a delicious dish you never tried before, and an impeccable wine from a country youíve never previously been.

900 SE Indian St
Stuart, FL 34997