Divino Pizzeria & Grille, Hanover PA | Merchant Profile

Divino Pizzeria & Grille opened on December 31, 2015 just in time to celebrate the New Year! Owner Jason Eckenrode began working in pizza shops at the young age of fourteen and fell in love with the food and business. After working in the industry and gaining tons of experience he decided to branch out on his own and open his own pizzeria. Everything at Divino Pizzeria & Grille is made from scratch using the freshest and finest ingredients. Pizza is definitely their best seller, but the menu also offers delicious appetizers, salads, subs, Stromboli, and burgers. There is a good variety of different pizza recipes to try and they have about twelve different sauces to choose from. They also plan to add gourmet pizzas and pastas to the menu for their one year anniversary in December of 2016. If youíre looking for something other than pizza, Divinoís Cheesesteaks and Chicken Wings are a very popular choice. There are daily lunch and dinner specials as well, so be sure to be on the lookout for those! The atmosphere of the restaurant is energetic and warm where guests are really encouraged to have fun. The music is lively and the Cha Cha Slide will play periodically and customers who get up and dance have the opportunity to earn a free dessert! The staff is friendly, attentive, and works hard to send every customer home happy and satisfied. The next time youíre in Hanover and craving a delicious, homemade meal, make sure to visit Divino Pizzeria & Grille ñ you wonít be disappointed! 

1 Center Square
Hanover, PA 17331