Dizengoff, Philadelphia PA | Merchant Profile

An approachable, simple concept at a heightened level is the model that Dizengoff thrives off of, taking the eclectic ingredients of Israel, and delivering it to the Philadelphia area. Commonly seen in the states as a dip, Dizengoff is a hummus based restaurant, and provides the base for each dish that comes out of the kitchen. The idea is based off of Israeli street food, putting a modern twist on the rich, and flavorful dishes. Hummus has become a common food in the households of modern Americans, but General Manager Christina Ponsaran and her team have raised the bar on the hummus lifestyle, bringing it to the states in the most genuine, authentic way.All of their dishes are made fresh daily, and they pride themselves on sourcing most of their ingredients locally, always going the extra mile for their customers. Variety is a top priority for the Chef driven menu, always offering new alternatives for the customers to indulge in. The Hummus Platter consists of their freshly baked Pita, Chopped Salad, and Israeli Pickles. It is from then on that the customer is able to customize their meal with the different topping options for the hummus. The items include Tehina, Vegetables, or different variations of Meat that change daily. The options include Chicken, Beef, Chicken Skin, and Lamb among many many vegetarian options. Unique to Dizengoff, it is almost impossible to find a fast-casual establishment that serves Lamb to their customers. They put time and effort into preparation of their ingredients, making them as unique and as authentic as possible. One of the Lamb recipes includes house ground Lamb, cooked with an Orange Zest, Orange Juice, Pine Nuts, and garnished with fresh Cilantro and Parsley. The various flavors bring the dish full circle, and stay true to the Israeli cuisine. The elevated dining experience paired in a fast casual setting is rare, and definitely worth giving a try while in Philadelphia. The presentation of each dish represents the efforts that are put into the cuisine, and the healthy portions leave each customer with the utmost satisfaction. They also offer the option to pre-order hummus by the pint, and pita by the half dozen for pickup. They are the only restaurant in the area doing what they are doing, and they have done so flawlessly. Paying homage to the Israeli culture with great food has been a success, and stopping in guarantees an experience that can’t be found anywhere else.

1625 Sansom St.
Philadelphia, PA 19103