Doughboys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Taking traditional Italian cuisine and putting it to the forefront, Doughboys Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant has come in high regard for all the right reasons. Having been around for the past 33 years can attribute to the widespread notoriety that the restaurant has attained, rightfully so, the cuisine simply hits the nail on the head. Owner Randy Greenfield holds his concept to a higher standard and has compiled a menu that envelops the heart of Italy, while putting his own flair on each of his options. In doing so, the pizzeria has rightfully niched itself as a cornerstone to the area, and is a go to for locals and visitors alike. The from scratch kitchen derives all of the concepts from square one, and in doing so, produces quality and consistency time after time. The pizza is an obvious option that comes with high popularity, the options are limitless with the ability to create your own, but the specialty options are where the restaurant really shines. Unique signature pies include The Double Bacon Cheeseburger, the Chicken Wing Pie, as well as the heat inducing Texas Fire House Pie. Other than the pizzas, the restaurant hosts other options including their Calzones and Alfredo Strombolis. No matter the instance Doughboys has something for everyone and is sure to adhere to anyoneís taste.To bring everything full circle, the pizzeria also offers various Salads, Wings, as well as Beer and Wine for customers to indulge in. The desserts come in high regard as well, offering options like their Cannolis and Tiramisu that come authentic and classically made. What separates Doughboys from the competition is the sheer fact that they provide the real deal, no fabrication or replications, and that provides for a heightened experience with each visit, making it a definite must while in the area.

829 SE 17th St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316