Dung Gia, Des Plaines IL | Merchant Profile

David Tran came to America when he was a teenager in April of 1975. He started working in the restaurant industry when he lived in the Washington D.C. area. A few years later, David joined his uncle who opened a restaurant in Maryland and learned to cook. In 1984, David moved to Houston, Texas and opened his own restaurant. David shortly left Texas for California and decided he wanted to travel the country. He visited so many cities tasting different food from different parts of the US. David finally fell in love with a woman and settled in Chicago.After David worked for a few other restaurants and decided to open his own authentic Vietnamese restaurant. David created all of his own recipes – he would cook something, have ten people taste test it and if six or more people loved it, it would go on the menu. Dung Gia is named after his parents; his father Dung and his mother Gia. Dung Giaís first location was in Skokie. After ten years, David was not happy with the landlord, so they moved to Evanston. After another ten years in Evanston, they could not afford the ever increasing rent, so Dung Gia moved to Des Plaines. Dung Gia has been loved by Des Plaines residents for nine years now. Dung Giaís ëPhoí is their most popular menu item. The Vietnamese soup is most often ordered with beef or chicken. The ë#48í is another customer favorite; flat rice noodles stir-fried with seafood. If you like chicken, try the ë#60í, juicy pieces of chicken cooked with ginger and onions in a clay pot. Everything at Dung Gia is cooked to order, to provide the freshest experience. Dung Gia does not sell alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own to enjoy with your meal. Or, order Dung Gia for take-out and savor the delicious food at home! Davidís unique and original recipes set Dung Gia apart from the competition. Visit Dung Gia and taste the difference for yourself!

1436 Miner St
Des Plaines, IL 60016