Eagles Nest, York PA | Merchant Profile

Niched atop York, Pennsylvania, Eagles Nest has rightfully earned its widely renowned status among locals and visitors alike. Owner Hristos Kopanis has perfected the craft of being a restaurateur, and having been at Eagles Nest since 2008 can attest to the high regard he has attained as the head of the operation. He has taken his passion for the kitchen and used it as fuel for his restaurant, and his efforts are prevalent in his endeavor from top to bottom. Starting as a dishwasher, Hristos learned the industry and developed his culinary expertise upon coming to the United States. He is always seeking to raise the bar in every single way possible, and his honest and genuine efforts can be attributed to the Eagleís Nest success. The staff enhances the experience to the utmost degree, and the higher standard that they hold for a dining experience truly encapsulates the best of the best.Eagles Nest does not cut corners in their efforts to provide a quality meal on a consistent basis. Doing so seamlessly, the will do go the extra step provides a genuine and memorable experience for guests to be immersed into. The Crab Cakes are widely notorious, an award winning dish comprised of ten ounce crab cakes broiled to a golden finish. The steaks are where the restaurant really shines, providing certified angus beef for customers to enjoy. Options include the Filet Mignon, The Delmonico, and The New York Strip, among many others. They are paired with two sides and cooked to perfection, served in a hearty portion. The elegantly set restaurant can hold banquet style dining on the second floor, offering seating for up to 105 people. Whether itís weddings or birthday parties, the events do not lack in any category and allow for a top notch experience. Located at 2519 Mount Rose Avenue, stopping in provides  an elevated dining concept that is perfect for any instance, making it a must while in the area.   

2519 Mount Rose Ave.
York, PA 17402