Earth Eagle Brewings, Portsmouth NH | Merchant Profile

Earth Eagle Brewings has taken a genuine passion and turned it into a full fledged endeavor. Owners Butch Heilshorn and Alex McDonald aspire to a higher creative standard than the typical brewhouse and deliver it in an unpretentious manner. Starting off as homebrewers, the self proclaimed ìcraft beer geeksî brewed their own unique recipes out of the gate and they haven’t looked back since. The beers, cocktails, and food simply hit the nail on the head, making a visit to their brewpub a must while in the area.The team at Earth Eagle are meticulous in their efforts and their close attention to detail heightens the quality and consistency of what they bring to the table. They pride themselves on offering a unique experience, and rightfully so, as their taplist is in constant flux providing their guests something new time after time. The food takes simplicity and puts a flare on it with quality ingredients that are rich in flavor and panache. The entire menu from top to bottom encapsulates an honest effort to give something to the people that they may have not experienced before, and the results are impressive.Native Americans called the wild turkey ìeagle of the earth.î They saw the big birds as a symbol of resilience, abundance and gathering. Deriving that name and instilling it as the concept of the brewpub is as precise as it can be, the entire experience can be related to just that idea. Offering something out of the ordinary is what makes their location so special. Their ìempyreal ales & wonder gruits,î signature cocktails, all paired with their inventive food could make Earth Eagle Brewings a household name as it continues to garner attention from locals and tourists alike.  

165 High St.
Portsmouth, NH 03801