East Ocean Palace, Forest HIlls NY | Merchant Profile

Paying homage to an harbor in China where fresh fish is caught, East Ocean takes a simple concept and elevates it to new heights, providing some of the freshest, quality cuisine the area has to offer. Having been open since 2005, East Ocean has solidified itself as the best of the best, and the genuine care and effort that is put into each dish is top notch and nothing short of impressive. The setting rivals the food, providing an elegant, comfortable environment to enjoy the highly regarded dining experience.The chefs are meticulous in crafting each dish, putting quality and consistency at the forefront while holding their menu to a higher standard. The cuisine is Authentic Hong Kong and Cantonese and seamlessly takes Chinese cuisine to a whole new level. A lot of replicators in the area can’t touch what East Ocean has been able to accomplish. The Seafood and Dim Sum are the gems of the restaurant and provide something to adhere to everyone√≠s taste. The location allows customers to pick their lobster and crab from a tank as well as having live shrimp.The presentation brings everything full circle, letting the food be complemented by the visual authenticity. The entire experience immerses the customer into true Cantonese cuisine, and doesn’t cut any corners in the process. Stopping in ensures an experience that cannot be found anywhere else, and coming in guarantees a genuine and upscale outing for each customer.  

11315 Queens Blvd.
Forest HIlls, NY 11375