EAT Gastropub – Oceanside, NY, Oceanside NY | Merchant Profile

EAT Gastropub       EAT Gastropub is a unique farm to table restaurant, where many of the ingredients are grown on site in their very own greenhouse. EGP has a long history dating back to the 1930s when it started out as a speakeasy in Oceanside. Over the years, the place has been a handful of different names but always has kept the traditional and vintage feel. This place is one of the last landmarks in Oceanside, and the owners wanted to bring NYC to the south shore of Long Island. This elevated pub cuisine is inspired by the 1940s when victory gardens in America were gaining high popularity during the war. Victory gardens provided fresh and homegrown food for the community, just as EGP does. The signature dishes at EGP include favorites like the Philly Cheesesteak eggrolls, the 50/50 burger, the Chicken-Pot-Pie, and the Squash Ravioli. EGP also has a wide selection of cocktails with all of the juices and syrups made in-house. They also have a wide range of craft beers with 24 different types. Their treats and desserts are also noteworthy, being made in their own pastry kitchen. For travelers, EGP has a relaxed atmosphere and outdoor greenhouse. EGP also has a great nostalgic feel and catering options for parties. Overall, EGP is a great mostly organic option while traveling around the southern Long Island area.

2823 Long Beach Rd, , 11572
Oceanside, NY 12345