EaThai Restaurant, Delray Beach FL | Merchant Profile

Sopanut Sopochana grew up in Thailand with his stepmother who owned several restaurants. Growing up in the food industry, when Sopanut moved to New York he began as a dishwasher while helping the chefs in the kitchen when he was just fourteen-years-old. At age eighteen he began serving and running the food from the kitchen and was eventually promoted to general manager. As a general manager he was in charge of five different locations and gained years of important knowledge and experience. When Sopanut was twenty-eight he realized he had learned everything he needed in order to open his very own restaurant. Sopanut opened his first restaurant in New York in 2008 then his second in 2010 and finally a third in 2011. Unfortunately, by that time rent had skyrocketed in New York and owning three restaurants became too expensive. Thatís when Sopanut sold his three restaurants and moved down to Florida. In New York it is easy to find different authentic cuisines anywhere, but Sopanut found out that was not the case for Florida. When Sopanut first moved to Florida he could not find good, authentic Thai food anywhere so that influenced him to open his own restaurant. Eathai very recently opened in Delray Beach in early 2016. It hasnít had its grand opening yet because Sopanut is waiting on an ice cream machine to be delivered. Once it is delivered he plans on making homemade ice cream from scratch for every individual order, which will allow customers to pick any flavors theyíd like. One of Eathaiís most popular dishes is the slow-cooked Chicken Biryani served with yellow rice and cucumber chutney. Another favorite is the Papaya Salad where every ingredient is made and prepared from scratch to be a truly authentic Thai dish. Eathai prides itself on cooking and serving upscale, authentic Thai cuisine in a modern style and environment. Eathai also offers authentic White Asian Sangria as well as beer and wine. Sopanut likes to support the community and stocks beers from local breweries while also importing a few from New York to honor and represent his first American home. Right now reservations are not needed and customers are welcome to walk-in and receive service right away. Many of Eathaiís customers are Thai or Asian, which Sopanut takes as a good sign that his food is truly authentic and what you would find being served in Thailand itself. He asks customers to be open-minded when coming through the door because his food may not be what theyíre used to eating, but he promises once you try it youíll be coming back for more. Eathai is truly changing the Thai food game in Florida so donít miss out on everything they have to offer!

1832 S Federal Highway
Delray Beach, FL 33483