eatMOSAIC, St James NY | Merchant Profile

eatMOSAIC is a different and unique dining experience. Owners Jonathan Contes and Tate Morris are both chefs that worked together at different restaurants. In November of 2005, they introduced an idea all their own. eatMOSAIC is a five-course tasting menu that changes every day. They never repeat dishes, and will absolutely cater to dietary and allergy needs as well as dislikes. For $69 dollars a person, you can indulge in delicious culinary delight. Everything at eatMOSAIC is, of course, fresh and homemade.eatMOSAIC offers an enjoyable and romantic atmosphere. They offer high-end global cuisine with a casual feel. eatMOSAIC also does upscale catering.Not sure what you are in the mood for? Take all the thinking about your dinner and reserve a table at eatMOSAIC. You will not be disappointed.

418 N Country Rd
St James, NY 11780