Edley’s Bar-B-Que, Nashville TN | Merchant Profile

Edleyís Bar-B-Que is a tribute to all things southern. Owner Will Newman and his staff pride themselves on providing their guests with a great overall experience while showcasing a unique Nashville persona. Newman wanted to create a BBQ restaurant that was fast, casual and 100% homemade. Everything used at Edleyís is made in-house and is made that day. They pride themselves on the idea of spending more on their ingredients in order to have make products.Edleyís Bar-B-Que pulls flavor from all different types of barbecue. They have sauces and dishes from Texas, Nebraska and many other places. In doing so, they ensure that everyone can find a dish that gives them a taste of home and comfort. Pork is available for lunch and dinner so that is the best seller. Brisket is available for lunch and Ribs are available for dinner. If the meat slabs are not going to be used up they go into the stews and soups of those days. There are many other options besides meat slabs but those three are the most ordered dishes.What is unique to Edleyís Bar-B-Que is that they try to limit their salt content as much as possible. As opposed to having salt make up 60-75% of dishes like many other barbecue restaurants, their salt use makes up close to 15-20% of their dishes ingredients. This difference makes Edleyís a healthier option for unique, and great tasting BBQ. Edleyís offers many catering services including plated dishes for weddings. They are also equipped with a full bar that has extensive beer and wine options. At Edleyís, they provide a dining experience that is one of kind and give they treat their guests with the utmost care. Everyone who comes to Edleyís Bar-B-Que leaves satisfied and with a smile.

2706 12th Ave S Nashville
Nashville, TN 37204