Eduardo De San Angel, Fort Lauderdale FL | Merchant Profile

Eduardo Pria grew up in San Angel, a quaint neighborhood south of Mexico City. His mother was born in Spain, and his fatherís parents immigrated from Italy to mexico. After finishing high school, Eduardo got a scholarship to learn the culinary arts in Madrid. After four years of culinary school, Eduardo took different internships in different countries, including France and Italy. Eduardo worked with the top chefs at the time. He was a sous chef by the age of 21!Eduardo eventually moved stateside and lived in Dallas, Texas for a few years before moving to Florida. Eduardo tried his hand at the corporate world and worked for Disney at the Epcot Center, but decided he really wanted to do his own thing. Eduardo put some money together and found a place to start a restaurant. He opened Eduardo De San Angel in 1993, a 1,500 square foot restaurant that has since doubled in size. Eduardo De San Angel offers cross cultural cuisine. ìI decided to take all the experiences from my childhood and blend them with European techniques and food from all over the world. I call it Mexican Infused International Cuisine,î explained Eduardo. The whole core menu is a winner in itself! In order to create the core menu, Eduardo experimented for a full year creating weekly menus. He saved the top dishes each week and added them to what is known now as the core menu. If you love duck, you have to try Eduardo De San Angelís Duck. Often referred to as ìthe best duck in the world,î the duck is very slow roasted for three to four hours, then increased in temperature for a few more hours. This gets rid of some of the fat but not all of it. Then the temperature is increased even more to give the nice crispy skin, but you are still left with juicy meat. Delish! The Grilled Lamb Chops are another customer favorite; brushed with herb oil and served with a delicious pesto made with cilantro instead of basil and crushed red pepper to give it some spice. The Beef Tenderloin with three cheeses and roasted poblano peppers and onions is another highly popular dish! Eduardo De San Angel also serves great fish entrees. Eduardo De San Angel uses only the freshest ingredients and everything is made to order. They donít even own a deep fryer or heat lamps! They offer a nice selection of Mexican beers and wines from around the world. ìI choose the best wines that I can imagine the flavor profile of,î explained Eduardo. You must end your meal with a homemade dessert! Mexican desserts are traditionally very sweet, but learning how to bake in Europe, Eduardo adds just the right amount of sugar. Join Eduardo and his team at Eduardo De San Angel six nights a week for dinner – closed on Sundays!

2822 E Commercial Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308