Efes Bistro Fish & Grill House, Boca Raton FL | Merchant Profile

Bringing an eclectic, chef driven menu to Boca Raton, Efes Bistro Fish and Grill House encompasses true Mediterranean cuisine, in a genuine, authentic manner. Owner Sakine Guven provides an impeccable service having been a highly regarded restaurateur for her entire career. Sakineís culinary expertise can be attributed to her long term success and hardwork she has put into her career, and the product she has put into place with Efes is nothing short of impressive. The hidden gem place homage to a city in Turkey where the name is held in high regard and is a staple to the area. Sakine began her career in her Turkey, honing her skills and perfecting the art of being a top notch chef. From humble beginnings she began working in hotels, seeking to gain experience from top to bottom. A couple years later through hard work and determination her progress skyrocketed into developing her own television show, showcasing her talents to the entire country. The attention brought her her all the way to D.C. to train chefs to follow in her footsteps at an expert level. Since then, Sakine has not looked back, and her widespread notoriety has become everlasting with her quality and consistency leading her to Efes Bistro Fish and Grill House.The restaurant has an elegant touch, providing a comfortable setting for an upscale menu. The options compliment each other well and Sakine takes authentic, classic dishes, and elevates them to new heights. Everything is homemade, fresh, and made from scratch ensuring the utmost quality for each of her guests seeking to indulge in her cuisine. The Lamb Shish Kabob is a widely favored option, crafted with chunks of tender Lamb, marinated, then char grilled to perfection. The Braised Lamb Shank is also a very popular option, comprised of Lamb Shank, cooked in lamb juice, paired with Rice Pilaf, Steamed Vegetables, and a Light Tomato Sauce. The Filo Wrapped Tilapia is a fantastic entree, freshly caught and wrapped in Filo Dough, baked in a stone oven and presented over sauteed Baby Spinach. The Turkish Pizza is simply worth trying for those who haven’t experienced it before. The unique dish is crafted with Pepperoni, Lamb, Vegetables, Cheese, and no sauce. The flavor combination presents a rich and flavorful dish in a hearty portion. No matter the situation, Sakine has gone above and beyond to share her passion with the world. With that being said, stopping in is sure to provide a memorable and satisfying experience. The entire concept is something that should be respected and the menu is certainly held to a higher standard.

8903 Glades Rd.
Boca Raton, FL 33434