Eggshells Restaurant, Lake Zurich IL | Merchant Profile

Eggshells Restaurant opened in August of 2010 in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The restaurant is known for their great tasting breakfast foods that you canít find anywhere else! Eggshells provides an innovative take on breakfast and invites customers to enjoy a meal a step above ordinary! All of Eggshellsí food is fresh and the ingredients are of highest quality available. There are no preservatives or additives in the food, so everything comes out tasting clean and pure. One of customersí favorite treats at Eggshells is their donuts. They are freshly baked daily and come in a big assortment of different styles and flavors. The Shell Benedicts the restaurant creates are all unique and taste amazing too! A fan favorite is the Irish Shell Benedict that comes with two poached eggs on top of homemade corned beef hash and hollandaise sauce served on an English muffin. The corned beef hash is many peopleís favorite here because itís so fresh and perfectly cooked. The restaurant itself is quaint and intimate with only eleven tables inside. During the warm spring and summer months, Eggshells is able to add three more tables outside for customers to enjoy their breakfast in the nice weather. Eggshells also serves delicious Intelligentsia Coffee, which is a coffee company that is based in Chicago. The restaurant tries to source all of their ingredients as locally as they can to ensure the freshest and best products. Eggshells even offers catering services for special events and parties. They often cater to different businesses for lunch or other corporate events. They can also help serve personal events like birthdays and celebrations too.  The next time youíre looking for a great meal to start the day off right, look no further than Eggshells Restaurant! Known for their quality breakfast foods and drinks, you canít go wrong with any item here! 

596 W Main St
Lake Zurich, IL 60047