El Canaveral 2, Milwaukee WI | Merchant Profile

Owner Oracio Chicon started out with a vision of bringing great authentic Mexican cuisine to the people of Milwaukee. He wanted to deliver real, quality food, and has done just that. El Canaveral 2 is a small but thriving restaurant. Oracio does not want to expand for the sole reason of money, because he believes this experience is not about profits. According to Oracio, ìWe treat people how we want to be treated, and give people what we like.î This is evident in the small but hard working team that has been essentially the same group of people for eight years.El Canaveral 2ís menu has many delicacies from all over Mexico. Many of the dishes are inspired by what Oracio Chicon enjoyed eating since he was a child. Oracio highly recommends the codorniz a la plancha, a grilled cornish hen marinated in guajillo pepper sauce. Another customer favorite are the pambazos, which have been mentioned in the Journal Sentinel as one of the top 15 noteworthy sandwiches in Milwaukee. If you cannot decide on which meat to dine on, you donít have to! El Canaveral 2ís molcajete de carnes is served with beef ribs, pork chops, chorizo, marinated beef, seasoned pork and chicken breast, along with bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. A meat lovers dream!El Canaveral 2 offers a colorful atmosphere inside a historical Milwaukee building. Everything is made fresh in-house, from their specially seasoned meat to the fruit infused waters. Oracio strongly emphasizes the whole staffís dedication to providing quality, authentic Mexican food.

2501 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53204