El Fogon Restaurant, Gastonia NC | Merchant Profile

Comfortably located in the Gastonia area, El Fagon has successfully provided Dominican Cuisine to the community and has become a staple of the area, constantly bringing in returning customers. Opening less than a year ago, owner Josefina Hernandez saw a demand for Dominican food in the area, and sought to be the provider of the rich cuisine. She was constantly hearing word of people that missed their home cooked meals but didn’t have the opportunity to go back to their homeland for some period of time. From humble beginnings, almost running the restaurant single handedly, Josefina has become a major success in making food that everyone enjoys and is highly regarded in the surrounding area.Josefina focuses on providing good customer service, a fun atmosphere, and simply a place where people can come try different foods. She has flourished in doing so, and has become a household name for all of Gastonia. Some popular dishes include the Ox Tail Stew, Roasted Pork, The Dominican Soup, of the Beef Stew. Open seven days a week, the restaurant serves everything from breakfast to dinner, and provides an atmosphere that resembles a true Dominican feel. Josefina uses all original recipes that she has grown up with so the customer can rest assured, they are receiving the true Dominican experience.While visiting different areas in the country it can certainly be hard to find authentic food, with the flooding of chains in each area. El Fogon has managed to rise above these standards and serve food that out does many locations in the area. With great customer service and the cuisine to match, This Dominican style food is a must try while in the area.

209 South Chestnut St
Gastonia, NC 28054