El Nuevo Mexicano, Chicago IL | Merchant Profile

El Nuevo Mexicano first got its start in a bowling alley on Clark St. in Chicago in 1983. After three years in 1986 El Nuevo Mexicano was able to move out of the bowling alley and into the current location they still use today. Maria is El Nuevo Mexicanoís current owner, but it was her aunt and uncle who founded the restaurant. In 2004 when Mariaís uncle passed away, there was no one to take over and run the restaurant so Maria decided to take on the responsibility herself. Before she became owner, Maria was working as a video editor for dance companies, but once she started working in the restaurant she fell in love with it and never looked back. When she first took over in 2004, Maria redid the entire restaurant and expanded the location, which she has done three more times since. Another change Maria brought to El Nuevo Mexicano was the addition of many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Maria is vegan herself and was tired of restaurants only offering bland and boring vegan options so she decided to make her own at El Nuevo Mexicano. Now El Nuevo Mexicano has an entire section of their menu dedicated to vegetarian and vegan options. Maria focuses on using only healthy, pure ingredients to make all their delicious food and sauces, so even if you pick something non-vegetarian or vegan youíre still getting a hearty and healthy meal. El Nuevo Mexicano features different specials every month so the menu is always changing and evolving. One of their most successful dishes to date is their Salmon Chipotle Con Duraznos which consists of pan grilled salmon with chipotle, peaches, and raisins served with chipotle mashed potatoes and veggies. Another customer favorite is the Chipotle Carnitas served with mango and plantain pico de gallo and Spanish rice. El Nuevo Mexicano truly appreciates and respects their loyal customersí service so they will never close down the entire restaurant for a private event. If you are interested in holding a private party at El Nuevo Mexicano you may rent out the front of the restaurant, but the back and patio will remain open for customers. Their outdoor patio can hold up to sixty people and creates a warm and relaxing ambiance during the summer months.El Nuevo Mexicanoís name derives from the new twists the restaurant puts on traditional Mexican food. They use traditional sauces and proteins normally found in Mexican cuisine and then combine it with new ideas and ingredients to create modern and new dishes never tried before. For anyone looking to experience amazing food, a gracious staff, and a cozy atmosphere El Nuevo Mexicano is the place for you! 

2914 N Clark St
Chicago, IL 60657