El Pirrin, San Jose CA | Merchant Profile

El Pirrin is a Mexican restaurant and is located in San Jose, California. The owner is Sonia Lopez and she opened El Pirrin because she loved the area it is located in and felt she could make a special restaurant that would add to the already existing charm of the town. The restaurant got its name because in Spanish, ìEl Pirrinî means ìPettiteî or ìSmall.î Soniaís father in law was nicknamed this because he was a bull rider and the name was carried through the family. One of the most popular dishes at El Pirrin is ìThe Wave of the Ocean.î This dish is a seafood platter with fried fish, fried shrimp, french fries, white rice, oysters and sautÈed octopus and shrimp. Also, the ìPirrin Plateî gave El Pirrin its place on the food map. This dish is a rice bean salad, with three tacos and a choice of meat. Aside from lunch and dinner options, El Pirrin also has breakfast cuisine such as Chilaquiles. This is a breakfast item that consists of eggs, sauce and deep fried tortillas. Also, the ìChile Verdeî is another popular dish that has El Pirrin customersí mouths watering. El Pirrin has beer available but it does not have a bar. One of their most popular drinks is a spiced tomato juice with beer. El Pirrin has won many awards for the cuisine and for their community involvement. This recognition has helped to make El Pirrin the bustling restaurant that is is today. Owner Sonia Lopez has also won an award for female entrepreneurship.Many of the dishes on the menu at El Pirrin have been on the menu for years. Most dishes are family recipes and then new creations have been added to the menu over time. El Pirrin has a family atmosphere and it is clear that the staff really cares about each other, what they are serving, and their customers. El Pirrin makes for a great dining experience at any time of the day and always has its customers leaving satisfied and happy.

1900 E San Antonio St
San Jose, CA 95116