El Rancho, Hanover PA | Merchant Profile

El Rancho Mexican Restaurant is located at 506 West Elm in Hanover. El Rancho has been recognized as one of the best Mexican Restaurants in Hanover. Co-owners are cousins Hilda Garcia and Chef, Hugo Garcia. Hugo is one of twelve siblings and he grew to love cooking, helping to prepare meals for his family. All of the authentic homemade recipes offered at El Rancho Mexican Restaurant of Hanover were developed in Mexico by Hugo Garciaís grandmother. Hugoís favorite part of being in the restaurant business is sharing what he creates in the kitchen with people. Hugo encourages his customers to try new things. He had one patron who always ordered Tacos. The gentlemen brought in his granddaughter and she ordered Quesadillas, but being so young she couldnít finish her meal. Her grandfather sampled the Quesadilla and couldnít believe how good they were and now only orders Quesadillas. Popular menu items are the Red Enchiladas with your choice of beef or chicken, sauteed in red chile salsa, and served with cheese, sour cream, rice, and beans. Also popular is the Chorizo Burrito featuring traditional Mexican sausage with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, and refried beans. El Rancho is also known for their soups. Favorites include Caldo De Cameron with shrimp and mixed vegetables and the Menudo Soup, fashioned from beef tripe and red ancho chiles is a traditional Mexican cure for a hangover. Gems from the sea include: Coctel De Camaron, a shrimp cocktail with avocado, onion, tomato, and cilantro. The Mojarra Cocinada A La Diabla, deep fried tilapia in a spicy tomato reduction with a salad and served with guacamole and rice.The restaurant has a children’s menu and does take-out. They will deliver larger orders to businesses in Hanover. Whether itís a party at the office or a family get together, El Rancho Mexican Restaurant can cater any sized event. If you are looking for some of the best Mexican cuisine in Hanover, stop in at El Rancho today. Hugo and the whole warm and welcoming crew will ensure you have a great dining experience!

506 W Elm Ave
Hanover, PA 17331