Elevation Burger of Plymouth Meeting, Plymouth Meeting PA | Merchant Profile

Simply encapsulating a higher standard, Elevation Burger does exactly what the name entails, taking a classic American namesake and holding it to an extraordinary level. Owner Rosalynn Heth takes great pride in her fresh concept. Rightfully so, the close attention to detail she has provided has captured the attention of the surrounding areas in remarkable fashion. Having a background in health and business, she holds a passion for providing something that raises the bar on what would normally be expected, and her efforts are nothing short of impressive. All of the meat that is provided including the beef, chicken, and hot dogs are 100% USDA certified organic, completely void of GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, pesticides and other chemicals. The buns follow suit as well, coming all natural for the best experience possible, making for nothing less but a tried and true meal. Deriving her motive from an honest standpoint, Rosalynn holds a great deal of passion for providing great food with a focus on quality and consistency. In doing so she has provided a top notch experience that hits the nail on the head with regularity. The Elevation Burger is a classic option worth indulging in, crafted with two organic, grass fed, free range patties. Taking it a step further, The Grilled Chicken Sandwich is widely favored as well, made with two juicy organic tenderloins. With seventeen different toppings to choose from, each sandwich is fully customizable with options like caramelized onions, uncured bacon, and blue cheese sauce, making for a different experience with each visit.To bring the whole meal full circle, all of the delicious french fries are crafted from fresh cut potatoes in store, as well as deep fried in olive oil to provide a healthier alternative. The fries are the only thing deep fried at Elevation Burger, and that paired with the 100% certified organic meat is really what makes the location special and separates them from any other fast casual chain. They do not sacrifice in flavor by any means in doing so, and the fries are a fan favorite among all. The staff drive a welcoming experience to the forefront, and in doing so, really capture a true dining experience that is something to behold while visiting the Plymouth Meeting area.  

500 Germantown Pike
Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462