Elie’s Mediterranean Grill and Bar, Birmingham MI | Merchant Profile

Owner of Elieís Mediterranean Grill and Bar, Elie, opened the restaurant 24 years ago and is now a staple in the metro Detroit area. From Lebanon, Elie has brought and continues to serve the most authentic Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisine in the area. Across the street from the Townsend Hotel, Elieís began in the early 1990ís as a quick lunch stop. While continuing to serve the fast-paced lunch crowd with fresh squeezed juices and sandwiches, Elieís has expanded its menu and now features a dinner menu for guests to kick back, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine to go along with a fabulous dinner. The most highly regarded entree is the ëGrilled Lamb Chops.í Described as delicious by regulars and travelers alike, the lamb chops are char grilled and served with sauteed spinach, artichoke hearts, and rice. Elie recommends trying a fish entree at the restaurant. As the restaurant sells mass amounts of fish daily, you can be sure it is the freshest available. The salt fish is the most popular fish entree. Elieís Mediterranean Grill and Bar caters to vegetarians and vegans, dedicating a large portion of their menu to vegetable based entrees. A tasty and hearty dish for vegetarians and meat-lovers, it is recommended to try the ëQuinoa Stuffed Zucchini.í This dish features flavors of roasted almonds, basil, and a roasted red pepper sauce. Donít miss out on Mondays special feature of all you can eat ribs! People come to feel at home at Elieís and enjoy a world class Mediterranean meal. Elieís passion for his business comes across in every dish served at the restaurant. If you are looking to have an event catered, Elieís offers the perfect menu and service for all your catering needs. Call or stop in the restaurant to plan your next big event with the help of Elieís Mediterranean Grill and Bar.

263 Pierce St
Birmingham, MI 48009