Elisabeth’s, Fairhaven MA | Merchant Profile

Doug is the chef and owner of Margaretís and Elisabethís in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The restaurants reside in a beautiful location right by the waterfront. Doug went to school in Providence for math and business. During his time in school, he interviewed at a restaurant that was above his current skill set, as a challenge. He didnít expect to be hired, but they took him on and he learned the ropes. Eventually he left and opened Margaretís restaurant with his business partner, Gail in 2001. When the space next store went up for sale, he bought it and opened Elisabethís in 2006. The restaurants are similar, but have differences and their own unique challenges. Margaretís is an American restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is named after Gailís mother. The environment is homey and cosy, seating about 45 people. It’s a BYOB restaurant, which Doug says has worked out very well for them. Margaret’s is famous for the breakfast dishes. Customers love the Norwegian Pancakes, which are traditional French crepes made with their homemade batter which is prepared fresh daily. They also have a great list of sandwiches, seafood, and entrees for lunch and dinner.Elisabethís serves lunch and dinner and has a full bar complete with specialty cocktails. It is a fairly small space, holding about 65 people. Their specialty is seafood, and they heavily feature scallops. Gail owns a scallop boat, so they get tons of fresh scallops, which they find interesting and creative ways to feature. One popular dish is their Scallop Nachos, which has scallops, grilled tomato and red pepper salsa, and smoked cheddar cheese, over blue tortilla chips. Their homemade pizzas are also extremely popular; they top their pizzas with a variety of fresh ingredients, creating wonderful flavor combinations. Doug prides himself on his hardworking and friendly staff. Everyone puts in a ton of effort and strives to produce the best quality. Reviewers can tell and often remark on the great service. Margaretís is open seven days a week from 7:30-2:30 and 5-9. Elisabethís is open Tuesday-Sunday from 11-9. They occasionally host parties and events, so call for more information if you are interested in having a group there. Check out Margaretís and Elisabethís for fresh food and outstanding service!

1 Middle St
Fairhaven, MA 02719