Employee Appreciation is Key to Success

In honor of it being March 3, Employee Appreciation Day, we thought it’d be a great idea to compile a list of simple ideas and everyday actions you can perform to show your employees and co-workers that they are a valued member of your team. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and respected and it is especially important in the workplace. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism are directly linked to employee performance and engagement. When employees feel valued and respected, they are more likely to put in their best efforts and produce high quality work. The companies that go above and beyond to honor their employees’ hard work find that their employees’ attitudes and productivity greatly increase. Below is a list of some wonderful gestures you can start implementing into your routine to boost moral and culture in your workplace!

  1. Compliment good work. Nothing feels better than being acknowledged for a job well done. When someone completes a project, closes a deal, or just produces a fantastic piece of work, it’s important for them to be recognized and praised for their efforts. This proves that their hard work does not go unnoticed and that they are valued as an individual, not just another cog in the machine. Just a simple “Way to go!” or “Great job!” can go a long way in boosting the attitude and confidence of employees.
  2. Reward hard workers with perks. At some point in time you’ve probably found yourself putting in extra hours or staying late to complete a big project by deadline. It’s important to honor employees’ great work ethic and a great way to do that is to give them some perks. If an employee is working late into the night at the office to get a job done, try rewarding them with an extra day or two off. Or maybe take them to an upscale dinner to show your appreciation. Small acts like these are very valuable and show employees that their boss really does care about them.
  3. Listen. One of the most powerful feelings to have in the workplace is that your voice has been heard. Practice intentional listening with your boss and co-workers to fully engage in conversations and brainstorming. When you actively listen that leads to asking questions, which then leads to taking action. Even just listening to what aggravates someone or a complaint they have about the office can help lead to a better understanding and resolutions to small annoyances, making the workplace a happier environment. Having each others backs is the foundation to having an efficient and positive work atmosphere.
  4. Encourage time off. Sometimes it can be hard to take time off from work when you feel obligated to be in the office and guilty when you’re not. If an employer really values their workers and wants to boost happiness and productivity, then they should encourage taking a day off every now and then. Working day-in and day-out without any breaks can cause stress, anxiety, and built-up frustrations. A good leader would suggest and encourage taking a break in order to refresh and rejuvenate. Even a long weekend can make a huge impact. When you take your time off, take a break from e-mails and technology too. You may feel like the company can’t run without you, but in reality it can, and it will. Then you’ll return from your break feeling refreshed and ready to make a difference.
  5. Be transparent and promote wellness. A great way to tell if you’re being treated right at your company is by evaluating your work environment. Can easily access and communicate with people in leadership roles? Do you have a good grasp of your company’s main mission and goals? Do they offer you any wellness programs? Having clear communication between all parts of your business is a very important key to success. Acknowledging that employees are human-beings and not just cogs in a machine is extremely important as well. Keeping their happiness and health in mind is vital to maintaining a productive and cohesive workplace.

Everyone should seek out a workplace that practices these basic functions. Every employee deserves to feel appreciated and valued. If your current workplace doesn’t have a culture that builds off of recognition and appreciation, then it may be time to look for something new!